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About Us

About Us

DAISY Forum of India is a consortium of Not for Profit organizations from India who are involved in production and distribution of books and reading material in accessible formats for persons who cannot read normal print due to visual, cognitive or physical disabilities.

The DAISY forum of India envisions a world where people with print disabilities have equal access to information and knowledge without delay or additional expense in their own language.

The mission of DAISY Forum of India is to eradicate the “Book famine” for persons with print disabilities. According to surveys conducted world-wide, less than 1% of the published information is available in alternate and accessible formats for use by persons with print disabilities. The lack of books and reading material has negative impact on the education, employment prospects and personality development of persons with blindness, low vision, learning and certain physical disabilities.

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The DAISY Forum of India started in 2007 as an informal association of like-minded not-for-profit organizations. In 2013 DAISY Forum of India was registered as a Charitable Society.

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DFI is nothing without its members. Leading organizations working for the visually impaired, accessible format book producers, Universities and Libraries have come together to create DAISY Forum of India. DFI with its 125+ members and friends is represented in all parts of India and serves the largest number of persons with print disabilities in India.

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DFI membership brings several benefits for organizations such as access to the DAISY India Library, international standard compliant books production, savings in costs and training and technical support for staff.

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