Activities of DFI

The DAISY Forum of India with its member organizations is actively working in the following areas:

DAISY India Library

DFI aims to set up a national repository and distribution system for books in accessible formats. With the support of Tata Consultancy Services and National Institute for the Visually Handicapped, DFI has been successful in setting up DAISY India Library. The DAISY Forum of India is working towards making this online library the single largest source of accessible books in India and providing its access to the print disabled through different channels. In time, DAISY India Library will be a nationwide network covering all states and languages for production and distribution of accessible reading material for persons with print disabilities.

Technology Development

DFI is striving to plug all gaps that exist in production, distribution, and reading publications in Braille, Digital talking book, accessible e-text and large print formats. Some of the projects where DFI members are actively involved are screen reading software, TTS for Indian languages and eBook reading software and hardware.

Policy Interventions

DFI officers are continuously engaging with key Governmental departments to ensure that the laws and policies of the Government create an enabling environment for universal access to published material.

Awareness and Advocacy:

The print disabled community, their families, employers and educators are not aware of the latest developments in reading technologies. On the other hand policy makers and organizations of the disabled need to be sensitized regarding the gravity of the “book famine” problem and the inclusive publishing techniques to counter it. DFI strives to increase the awareness about reading needs of persons with print disabilities and their solutions among all stake holders through seminars, publications and the media.

Reaching Million Users

DFI has launched an ambitious program to reach out to 1 million print disabled persons with accessible books and reading tools. Under this mission DFI is working out partnerships with Governmental agencies and corporate donors to provide reading devices and training for its usage on highly subsidized costs.

Content Creation in Accessible Formats

DFI is working actively to promote conversion of books into accessible formats. Different committees of DFI are working to increase availability of school text books, university level reading material, best-sellers and magazines in accessible formats. This activity requires advocacy with Education Boards and publishers to get either the digital copy of the books for accessible format creation or adoption of inclusive publishing guidelines so that books are born accessible. When the mainstream digital publishing will become inclusive, reproduction of Braille, Talking book or Large Print formats will become easier and faster.

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